Body oils

Care and results with precious oils

The frei öl® BODY OILS, which contain precious natural oils, nurture and support skin with individually selected active ingredients tailored to different skin needs.

frei öl® BODY OILS are a nourishing, blissful treat for the skin, because they provide ultra intensive care and are very well tolerated. Free of preservatives, frei öl® BODY OILS, made from natural oils, supply the skin with valuable essential fatty acids and vitamins. They effectively support skin regeneration, which especially benefits the skin.

Our skin often has vastly different requirements. If the skin is dry, it needs care that strengthens the body’s own skin barrier and retains the moisture in the skin. Scars, stretch marks, pigmentation problems or pigment spots require effective skincare.

frei öl® Skincare Oil is ideally suited to meet these needs. Made from precious oils, it indulges dry skin and gives it a smooth and supple feeling. It is so effective that it even softens scars and stretch marks and improves uneven skin tones.

During the 9 month of pregnancy the skin needs a care product that will support it.

frei öl® Massage Oil for Pregnant Women, with its proven formula that has been trusted for many years, effectively prevents stretch marks, increases skin elasticity and soothes stressed skin.

If you want smooth and firm skin, frei öl® Shaping Oil is the perfect solution.

It smoothes and firms the skin, has an active anti-cellulite effect, nourishes skin and gives it a velvety-soft feeling. For new mothers, it is also an ideal companion during regeneration following pregnancy.

The frei öl® BODY OILS do not contain alcohol, colorants, preservatives, mineraloil (paraffin), PEG/PEG-derivatives or silicone.