Pregnancy and skincare

Special skin requirements during pregnancy

70 to 90% of all pregnant women will experience small tears in the elastic fibres just under the skin, commonly called pregnancy stretch marks. To prevent stretch marks in the first place, it is particularly important to do something against them right from the beginning, because early prevention helps stop stretch marks from forming.

With effective skincare products that are rich in active ingredients, you can support your skin ideally during this time and prepare it for the special stresses and needs that arise during pregnancy.

frei öl® Massage Oil for Pregnant Women is specifically formulated to meet these skin requirements. The proven formula has been trusted for many years and supports the skin in a very special way.

Vitamin E helps to maintain the suppleness and stretchability of the skin on a daily basis, increases its elasticity, and can thus effectively prevent stretch marks.
Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids from natural oils provide intensive care, while bisabolol from chamomile soothes stressed, often itchy skin.

The Massage Oil for Pregnant Women is very well tolerated, dermatologically tested and has proven its effectiveness time and again. It does not contain mineral oils (paraffin), alcohol, colorants, preservatives, PEG/PEG-derivatives or silicone.

Your path to a firmer post-pregnancy silhouette

After giving birth, the stretched-out skin leaves its traces on many women. Often, the stomach tends to be flabby and the waist is no longer as slim.

With a balanced programme of correct nutrition, massage and physical activity, you can get your figure back in shape again.

The new frei öl® Shaping Oil is ideal for massages. The body oil firms, smoothes, reduces cellulite and tightens problem areas such as the stomach, legs, bottom and upper arms. At the same time, it nourishes the skin with valuable omega fatty acids from natural oils. For new mothers, it is thus also an ideal companion following pregnancy.

frei öl® Shaping Oil does not contain mineraloil (paraffin), alcohol, colorants, preservatives, PEG/PEG-derivatives or silicone and is gentle on the skin and even suitable for sensitive skin.