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The rich frei öl® Milky Bath Oil combines a relaxing bathing experience with luxurious skincare. In the bath water, the combination of nourishing sunflower oil, relaxing passion flower oil and moisturizing oat oil transforms into a gentle, milky emulsion that immediately envelops the skin with a fine, nourishing and delicately scented protective coat. In this way, the skin retains its moisture and is protected from dehydration.
200 ml


frei öl® Milky Bath Oil - Soothing care and relaxation

The frei öl® Milky Bath Oil contains a high proportion of the essential fatty acids important for the skin (vitamin F) in the form of highly valuable plant-based oils. Soothing oil components supplement the skin’s natural hydro lipid layer. The oil makes it noticeably soft to the touch, supple and helps it to retain its moisture. The frei öl® Milky Bath Oil envelops the skin with an extremely thin, nurturing protective film. It relaxes and soothes even extremely dry and sensitive skin. With their fine and soothing balance, the wonderful scents of jasmine, vanilla and raspberry ensure an unparalleled body sensation.

application effect

frei öl®-Effect

  • Skin feels instantly nourished: cares for and pampers the skin with oat oil and passion flower oil
  • Retains moisture and protects the skin from dehydration with sunflower oil
  • Lipid-replenishing with 55% natural oils
  • Strengthens the skin barrier with valuable omega 6 & 9 fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Relaxes and soothes with the delicate scent of jasmine, vanilla and raspberry


Add several caps of the oil bath to the bath water until the oil turns into a soft, milky emulsion. Enjoy the bath for 15–20 minutes and after bathing, dab the skin only slightly with a towel.
Note: Product residues on the bottom of the bath tub can be a slipping hazard.


Can also be used as a caring footbath



Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Laureth-3, Parfum, Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Avena Sativa Kernel Oil, Passiflora Incarnata Seed Oil, Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Linalool, Tocopherol.

The ingredients listed here correspond to the current state of production. We regularly adapt our formulations to new scientific findings. The exact composition of the ingredients shown on the package is decisive.


Alcohol, Colorants, Microplastics*, Mineral oils (Paraffin), Preservatives, Silicone

*Formula without microplastics as defined by the German Environment Agency (2020)

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