Very dry skin

Medical care for very dry skin

The talents of the frei öl® UREA 2 IN 1 range work in two different ways:
They provide intense moisture, and help regenerate the skin barrier. Your skin is noticeably smoother, roughness, flakes and itching disappear. Skin-friendly for use with neurodermatitis and diabetes – dermatologically tested.

Very dry skin is often associated with a feeling of tightness and itchiness with the formation of flakes. It needs care that provides immediate relief to the problems, acts against the cause of dryness and is particularly compatible without fragrances.

Noticeably more moisturization and less itchiness

The frei öl® UREA 2 IN 1 products offer noticeably more moisturization thanks to a highly effective combination of urea, vitamin E, B3 and ceramides. With its 2 IN 1 effect, it stores moisture in the skin and regenerates the skin barrier. The skin feels noticeably smoother. Roughness, flaky skin and itchiness are gone. All frei öl® UREA 2 IN 1 care products are made without alkohol, fragrances and colorants, parabens, PEG/PEG-derivatives and silicone.